Cerbrec Graphbook

Expedite Discovery

Graphical deep learning framework for everyone to build, inspect, and customize AI models.


Focus on diagramming model architecture

Graphbook expands the value of pre-trained LLMs and deep learning models.

Essential for Building In-House AI

Enhance Model Visibility

Graphbook lowers technical barriers and empowers researchers to build LLMs and deep learning models with clarity, visualizing every component. Intelligent diagramming reduces the risk of error-prone “model surgeries” when customizing AI model architecture with a drag-and-drop experience.


Improve Sharing and Collaboration

Graphbook makes it easier to explain and examine your AI models with our intuitive diagrams. Effortlessly share blueprints and discuss model steps with teams and community without stepping through code.


Prioritize Model Safety

Graphbook’s visual interface shines a light on black box AI, facilitating the troubleshooting of output errors in production and ensuring model safety with systematic fixes, instead of hard-coded rules that live outside the model.


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